Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pizza Barn Plus

With a name like that, how could you not want to eat there? If you're ever in Scottsville, Mi I would highly recommend it. The pizza and ice cream are fantastic! You can even get a milkshake with 2 straws there. That must have been the meal that put me over the top for The Lumberjack as I was able to manage another 7th place finish in that race as well. Lots of riders that looked like Zombie's on this course. Best part about the race being over was we got to go back to the Pizza Barn Plus again! Mmmm. Another great weekend with part of the Team and really looking forward to this weekend and having the whole team together.

I actually drove the car home from the shop Monday night. I really need to get some video of that car, it sounds wicked and seems to pile on speed pretty fast.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I guess upgrading from IE6 opens up a whole new world wide web for me. Last post was before the season even started and here it is June already. 3 NUE races in the books and 2 of them I managed to end up in the Top 10, who woulda' thunk that? I never would have thought that 7+ hours of racing could go by so fast. 1 more to go and then it's back to the WORS family again and a whole different kind of hurting.

On the home front, the car is in the shop getting finished up, the chickens are getting big and the coop is almost done. I need to finish that up this weekend so the chicks have someplace to live besides in the basement. We have 10 kittens The Girls have tamed and they are almost ready to leave Denzer. If you need any let me know, delivery can be arranged!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Airport Time

   My easy flight from Rockford to Phoenix was anything but. Apparently Allegiant Air saves money on fares by doing less maintenance to their equipment!! It did allow me to spend a romantic evening by myself in a hotel room in Rockford and waste a day of vacation though. Seems like a good deal, right?
   Anyway, once I arrived in AZ it got better for sure. Good riding, better company and great food.

   Got the rear seats reupholstered yesterday, should get them in today. I can almost smell the tire smoke...

Monday, March 12, 2012

Balmy outside

and overdressed for the weekend for sure. Beats frigid and frozen anyday, though. Hung out in Amherst for the weekend and it didn't suck at all. I provided Saturday night's entertainment by showing everyone how not to put their bikes together. Why put something together once when you can do it 3 or 4 times??? After it was all put together (Much to Chris' amazement) we put it on the scale and it was 21 lbs 2 oz. Not to shabby for a full suspension 29'r. That's a mere .72 lbs per inch!

Sunday turned into a deathmarch. It was an awful quiet last 30 minutes or so. Out of water for what seemed like 6 hours and dreaming of the pizza awaiting us made time stand still. And I was feeling good compared to Myles. Not sure how he managed to make it through both rides smiling but he did. Must be all the excercise his thumbs get from texting.....

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I guess

   Mother Nature thought it was time for me to wash my bike. I would have rather she did it while I wasn't on it although I think the bike was ok with it. Even with the rain it was the most comfortable temperature I've ridden in so far this year. I'll take the rain over snow for sure.
   The interior is almost complete in the car. Waiting on a few little pieces and it will be ready for seats. The warm weather is feeding the I wanna' drive my cars bug!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Tough to Top this!

What a weekend! Started it out right Friday night when I stopped by the shop. I was discussing suspension stuff with Jim and next thing I know we're doing full throttle beat laps down the road behind the shop in This Car!!!! 3 days later and I still grin remembering the repeatedsessions of  full throttle wheel spin in third gear in a car that cost more to build than I make in about 5 years! I think that's my one time of getting to ride in a car like that,thanks Jim and Mike! It won best of show at the biggest car show in North America as well as in Pomona just recently. The car needs to be seen to be truly appreciated. Followed that up later with a spectacular fish fry at St. Lukes in Plain. Mmmm.
   Saturday had me dropping The Girls off at The Fraziers and then riding home from Cottage Grove. Bryan got me to Lodi and then I meandered home from there. Then it was off to the annual Wild Game Feed one of the Doctor's at St. Clare Hospital puts on every year. That's always a good night and it kicks off the silly season of food events in our area every year. The chili suppers and smelt feeds are starting this coming weekend and we can hit one every weekend in Feb until early March. I'm pretty sure if I stop riding I will rapidly become RK+.
   Sunday had us in Waukesha at The Braun's crib for Darrin's last big ride before the Life Changer shows up. We had almost the whole 212 carnival act in attendance and it was a good performance today fo sho. Mrs. Braun was in full life creation mode yet and had quite the arm rest going. I know she's going to miss that feature. Thanks to The Braun's for hosting and feeding us up! We'll be back after the neighborhood recovers from the shock and awe that was in effect today. Maybe Chris will let Michelle ride her new road bike next time...

Sunday, January 29, 2012


   Last week Nariz (Bryan) was not having a good day when we rode together and I was having an exceptional sort of day. My feeling of how great a day it was was offset by Nariz's tunnel vision and focus on the road surface 3 ft in front of his wheel. I'm pretty sure that if you look at his calendar there is a red circle around today's date. He spent countless hours honing his fitness, plotting how he was going to come and destroy me today. Well, nice job. It worked. Thanks for that.
   It's February this next week. Almost time for silly season. The Smelt Feed in North Freedom on the 25th, Chili in Leland on the next week, chili in Blackhawk somewhere in there and I heard a rumor of a Smelt Feed in Sauk soon too. I should be racing at D+'s weight this year.